Solar Panels & Batteries

Solar Panels now with an average payback on their own of around 5-6 years!

However firstly before considering solar panels is it worth ensuring you have completed some of the following items as this will reduce the total size of your solar panel array and overall would yield a quicker pay back some of these are less than 12 months.

Solar Panels for Pubs and Clubs

Once all the items above have been completed the rough logic for solar only would be for every two KWH’s an hour or one KWH every half hour requires a 4 KW Solar System.

For example, if a club on average uses 12 kWhs every hour it would require a minimum of 12 kWhs/2 = 6*4 KW = 24 KW Solar System.

A Typical 4 KW Solar array will produce in the region of 3,000 kWhs a year (Based on 2021-22 LG Neon Solar System in West Yorkshire. Solar’s during the peak solar can start generating solar from 6:30am and stop around 8pm (Assuming no obstructions))

Month Monthly Generated (kWh) Average Per Day (kWh)
January 64 2.05
February 102 3.64
March 213 6.86
April 375 12.51
May 408 13.16
June 515 17.18
July 506 16.31
August 352 11.35
September 240 7.99
October 137 4.43
November 74 2.45
December 32 1.03
Total 3016

If you choose to have a larger solar system then is required for the future to migrate to 100% electric heating and hot water then you will also need to consider Solar Battery Storage.

Solar Battery Storage:
If you have an existing solar system and earning either an Export Tariff of around 4p per kWh or the older version being the Feed-In-Tariff, you could be saving more from your solar.

Grid Skimming

What we at Justpubsandclubs call “Grid Skimming” is where you can charge your solar battery from the National Grid during cheaper off-peak times. If you have a three-phase meter and peak and off-peak rates from your electricity provider Grid Skimming* will be achievable. If you are a single phase (single rate) payer this won’t apply (1 single kWh rate).

If your energy provider charges you 20p a kWh for night rate and 32p during the day you can charge your battery for use later saving the difference 12p a kWh.

A 9kWh Battery would save 9kWh*12p = £1.08 per day = £394.20 per year.

But it would also store any surplus energy where your solar would have discharged to the National Grid – Example below assuming present-day Export Tariff @ 4.1p a kWh.

32p less 4.1p = 27.9p * 9 = £2.51 per day saving * 365/2 = £458 per annum (Assumes the solar system overproduces during the day for 6 months of the year.

Total Combined Saving from a 9 kWh battery = £850 per annum.

*Please note not all batteries have the ability to Grid Skim during off-peak times.

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