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Smart Cellar System by Beertech® UK

Reduce Annual Cellar Cooler Costs by 1/3 

BeerTech have been in business for over 20 years and have recently developed the Smart Cellar System, which saves around 1/3rd of cellar cooler costs annually.

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We’ve now finished upgrading the system to add a Blue Tooth Facility. This allows an app. to be downloaded into which the size of the cooler and the cost of electricity is inputted. The system measures the duty cycle at any particular site and from that the savings can be worked out. This currently has to be read manually, from which a calculation can be done to work out the savings. However, the app. will be inputted with the electricity cost and cooler size when installing the system. When an engineer, area manager, tenant etc enter the cellar and connect to the control box, the savings information will automatically be worked out by the app. A button on the app can then be pressed to send the information to a pre-designated e-mail, possibly head office or the tenants own personal one. This can be done monthly or on an ongoing basis etc.

Smart Cellar Costs /Savings

One Off Unit Cost £1500 (exc. VAT.)

If one of the SmartCellar Boxes has been in use for 30 days and records the duty cycle of that cooler at 50%:

A saving of up to £1,800 per year!

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If you would like to learn more about the Smart Cellar System and how much you can save through its use, please complete our enquiry form below and we’ll call you back to discuss your requirements.  

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