Line Cleaning

BierSavers by BierPro

These clever little gadgets help you sell the beer you’d normally throw away when cleaning lines! Simple, but very effective!

Just pop them onto the end of your keg coupler before you need to empty the lines. Leave the gas on and serve. It doesn’t matter how long before close that you use BierSaver, your beer will always be as fresh as if it’s straight from the keg.

BierSavers work with all keg couplers including KeyKeg® 

BierSavers also last a life time, A one off investment that keeps on giving !
BierSavers work with all Coupler types, Reduce your wastage by getting more out of your keg !
At only £50 - Try one today and see the amounts you can save !

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If you would like to learn more about BierSavers and how much you can save through their use, please complete our enquiry form below and we’ll call you back to discuss your requirements.  

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