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A new era in back bar cooling

Intense focus upon operating costs:
Bar operating costs have risen relentlessly and as a result, it has become more important than ever to reduce overheads wherever possible. Staycold has taken up the challenge, not only to ensure a competitive initial purchase price for the appliance but also to drive down its whole life cost, especially its energy consumption and maintenance expenses.

Ground breaking research:
Staycold has led the way since 2003 when it became the first display cooler manufacturer to be listed on the UK’s Energy Technology List.  Since then, the progress has been unrelenting and today, models from the new Rhino back bar range have been rated independently by the Carbon Trust* as having the lowest energy consumption as well as being in the top performance category. This accreditation has also been further endorsed at EU level.

Lowest Energy Cost:
The savings are significant and substantial. Data audited by The Carbon Trust shows that the difference between the most and least efficient products within the 2 door back bar cooler category is a massive £429 per year in running costs alone.** Over 5 years that’s a difference of £2,145, which will increase if energy costs continue to rise. (Based on 35p per kwh)

Lower Maintenance Costs

Old condenser - reduced Airflow due to dust buildup
New condenser - Improved Airflow due to reduced dust buildup

Upright Coolers


H mm W mm D mm Gross Weight kgs Refrigerant Shelves Capacity Litres 330ml Bottles Container Capacity (40 foot) kw/25hrs
Moscow_293_beer_fridge_just_pubs_clubs Moscow 293 1820 600 520 123 R600a 5 292 280 72 1 . 95
Toronto_458_beer_fridge_just_pubs_clubs Toronto 458 1820 900 520 203 R600a 10 466 450 48 2 . 14


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