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At the age of 19 and studying at university I was asked by my father to assist with the turnaround of our local village working men’s club with no experience of running a club I took up the position as Treasurer with my dad as Secretary.
The club was losing money fast and we had fallen into an overdraft on arrival.

We started the process of renegotiating all the contracts and ensured our operation was suitably staffed to deal with the current turnover but also extended our early doors opening hours.

We procured finance to bring us out of the red and invested at speed in a targeted approach to lower our operating overheads.

Within 6 months we had turned a large loss into breakeven. While continuing to invest and investigate new technology with the aim of reducing overheads we maintained consistently £10,000 cashflow profit on average over the last 10 years with 3 years being close to £20,000.

After 13 years we now have doubled our members to above 500, doubled our barrellage 300 36g a year, seen off threats from competitors who attempted to undercut us and have a considerable sum in the bank and growing rapidly.

We have invested in modernising the club to the 21st Century while remaining true to the clubs social standing within the community.

JP&C Today:

Justpubsandclubs website has been created to aid the trade where volumes are declining at a rate of 2% per annum and taxes increasing. The trade is going through significant changes and this website hopes to share some of those benefits.

Our mission is to share technology, reduce closures, improve clubs and pubs for the benefit of its members and customers and keep local people employed.

We believe going Green and offering new green-focused technology which is tried and tested is key to the operational success of every clubs and pub in the UK.

We believe that every business should be able to achieve savings into the thousands and have made this website to share the technology and tools to make that possible quickly.

The biggest threat to a business losing money and not making a profit is time. Simply ignoring the problem or denying you can save money is only denying your customers cheaper drinks over the bar.

JP&C helps you: Save Money! Invest More! Make More! Avoid costly loans! Consider new technology!

If you can answer yes to any of the above, Just Pubs &Clubs could save you money. Contact us today to book your free consultation visit.

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